Your Employer for the long term

It is important to us that you are satisfied with the company and with the work you do in the long term. It is our aim that our strength and our success be the result of a long-term outlook combined with an entrepreneurial mindset at all levels – this makes the crucial difference to our employees and to our customers.

We believe that only qualified, motivated and passionate people deliver the best performance. That is why we focus on the practical development of the specific skills and capabilities that are necessary for our employees’ progression.

Team works


Individuals. Ideas. Inspiration. Yes, we’re open!

An inclusive and diverse workforce makes us better leaders and contributes to a more innovative, dynamic and, ultimately, more successful company. And: variety helps us meet the needs of our diverse customers.

Open dialogue

We encourage open dialogue to draw out everyone’s opinions and perspectives. We recognize a diverse range of contributions to keep our people energetic, engaged and inspired.


We offer a family friendly and flexible working environment. We work where and how it’s most appropriate according to individual, role and team requirements.

Team up

It’s how we work!

At AST Turbo, passion and commitment matter. We offer people a challenging and diverse working environment. We value your passion and commitment and reward your performance.

AST Turbo
Talstrasse 24
8852 Altendorf

+41 56 500 06 45