Lean Turnaround Planning Tools

Overhauling multiple machines simultaneously in a usually short turnaround window requires a special set of tools. These need to be versatile enough to accommodate the particular needs of our customers and their diverse plant layouts.

The comparison is a pit-stop. We have only little time to cover a lot of activities. So we are better prepared for the event. The better we are prepared for the scope and the usual discovery work. We do this in applying a set of Lean management practices and a set of continuously updated tools.

Lean Turnaround Planning Tools

A set of standardized tools support the planning of complex and demanding outages. Starting from scope challenge, the detailed division of responsibilities and planning and preparation activities.

Laser Tracker (AMT)

Laser tracker technologies offer a new world of opportunities. We are using the laser tracker integrally with the rotating equipment expert activities to capitalize time and monetary savings. This starts with simple readings to fully virtual assembly of machines. The benefits are priceless and time reductions considerable.

Lean Turnaround Tools

Turnarounds are typically characterized by many critical tasks in parallel in congested areas during a short time window. This means that the best possible sequencing of events is essential for successful project outcome. We adopted a range of lean techniques along the chain of events. This involves RFT, SMED and 5S approaches. These support our effort to methodologically organize the development of activities.

Smart Phone App (ART)

Writing meaningful service reports is an important part of the inspections. More and more customers expect us to add photographical evidence of findings. Since many components look alike we developed an AST Turbo proprietary smart phone app to tag all pictures properly.

Modular Turnaround Tooling

Not all machines we service are alike. Some are bigger, some are smaller, some feature imperial, some metric dimensions. Similarly, plant layouts are diverse and require different set-ups. Regardless, all machines need proper tooling to do overhauls right, without unnecessarily damaging bolt heads, surfaces, etc.
We developed a Tooling System that is designed to work specifically in this environment. This tangibly facilitates our work and reduces the time to get the most suitable tools to the machine. The Modular Turnaround Tooling System concept is simple: The modules are installed around the machines and facilitate carrying out the overhaul in an environment similar to a workshop.

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