Sustainability is becoming more important for all companies, across all industries. There is no major player in the energy sector without respective initiatives. Adherence to health, safety and environmental regulations and increasing contributions to the societies in which they operate form the core of existing sustainability strategies. Even though renewable energies and decarbonization are strongly on the rise, Oil and Gas will remain a core part of the global energy mix and as a source of organic chemicals for the foreseeable future. A world without plastic and the circular plastic economy, in which fossil fuels are no longer used to produce plastics, is expected many years away.

We are definitely part of an economic system that has an impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Most of our customers support the Paris Agreement to limit the rise in average global temperature to 1.5° Celsius and so do we.

AST Turbo is aware of its responsibility

Waste separation at our offices is the smallest effort we do at AST Turbo and it is not “to do at least something” but much more to raise the awareness that the challenges are of much bigger nature and everybody is called to contribute, daily. Every journey starts with a small step. This journey will require us to adapt our path continuously.

Most of our customers operate energy dense installations: they convert oil & gas to fuels and organic chemicals that still move the world; energy to power the lightbulbs or chemicals that provide the bases for most consumer goods. Our customers are on the same journey and we are committed to support them on this important passage. If the quality of our services reduce flare times, if the solutions of our upgrades reduce emissions, if we can improve the efficiency of the equipment we work on, if the customer can be on-spec sooner after a turnaround, then our contributions to the journey are priceless.

Decarbonization of the industry is not merely a buzzword anymore. It is high on the agenda of our daily challenges to reduce our footprint and to support our customers to reduce theirs. Lastly we are engineers and we need to make an impact where the return is the greatest, not only economically but more and more also environmentally.

At the same time we are looking into new ways to do things. The intelligent use of new technologies and tools will support the journey we started together with our customers. The objectives are achieved with leaner efforts for the benefit of our customers, our employees and the environment.

This journey is not only on our short-term strategic plan but it will also accompany us well into the future.

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