As Covid-19 continues to spread, we have to accept that this situation is going to accompany us for some time. At AST Turbo we are aware that our customers, partners, and suppliers are facing unprecedented challenges too.

The safety and well-being of our personnel and those of our customers’ remain our utmost priority. AST Turbo has followed developments closely whilst continuously looking at probable scenarios. We have taken all necessary precautions to continue to serve our customers.

We reflected on how we can continue to support our customers going through these difficult times. Here are a few areas we are focusing on:

Flexibility to changing customer priorities

  • We understand these are difficult times for you too and we must adapt accordingly.

Flexibility to dispatch to remote locations

  • We understand that your locations are usually far away. We must be ready to support you on-site wherever that might be. If traveling is not an option, we have to offer remote support through our Technical Support office.

Flexibility to sudden budget constraints

  • The current times may dictate unprecedented measures. We are prepared to support structured cost reductions measures, tangibly.

Flexible & structured troubleshooting

  • The machines are not exposed to Covid-19 but may still cause operational issues. AST Turbo has the capability to provide comprehensive trouble shooting services well beyond the flanges of the machinery.

High quality inspection work despite of the crisis

  • While we are a flexible and a service minded organization, we always will take exception to ‘flexible’ quality. The reliable operation of the equipment remains a top priority, always.

Next generation Field Services

  • Digitalization and IOT are buzzwords also in Field Services. We used the spare time during the lockdown with thinking on about what other technologies are out there available to our activities. We understand that also this journey starts with the first step. We have undertaken more than one. We do them carefully and only if there is a tangible benefit for our customers. First results are promising and thus we continue the journey.

Even more during the Covid-19 times, we focus on true value-add proposal to reduce the operating expenditures for our customers. AST Turbo can provide the required services that our customer expect from a worldwide recognized Independent Service Provider.