News | 31.12.2015

Happy New Year

We wish all our customers, business partnersĀ and friends a healthy, prosperous and happy New Year!

News | 09.12.2015

New Local Representative in Abu Dhabi

AST Turbo is proud to announce its new local representative Eco-Solutions & Alternative Technologies (ESAT) in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi is an important market for AST Turbo.

Eco-Solutions & Alternative Technologies (ESAT) is a local trading house that has established solid business in the industry. The rotating equipment service is an ideal complement to the current offering.

Sam Blaser says: “Abu Dhabi with its vast oil industry always figured strongly on our map. Initial meetings with the local customers have demonstrated a keen interest in our capabilities exists. We are looking forward to completing registration procedures with local customers – an important step for our company. With ESAT we have the right partner to develop long term mutually beneficial business relations with the Abu Dhabi rotating equipment operators.”

The registration process with local customers is nearing completion which encourages us to start serving customers in Abu Dhabi by providing cost effective rotating equipment services solutions.

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News | 03.11.2015

…now hiring!

The newspapers are full of articles about companies that are slashing jobs.

AST Turbo is creating new positions and increasing its work force!

We are looking for talented and committed Service Engineers that are ready to live up to our standards.

The ideal candidate is committed to service, already has a few years of experience in the industry of heavy rotating equipment, is prepared to travel up to 220 days/year world wide and is Swiss or based in the EU!

Are you ready for AST Turbo AG? Please contact us at

News | 04.09.2015

Our Service Engineers successfully complete Training at MHI Hiroshima Works

The AST Turbo Field Service Team successfully completed the “MHI Supervisor Training of Steam Turbine & Centrifugal Compressor” Training facilities at Hiroshima, Japan.

During the different training sessions our supervisors were familiarized with the particulars of both steam turbines and centrifugal compressors manufactured by MHI, as well as the MHI requirements and protocols to be followed during installation and maintenance activities.

The technical knowledge and practical skills of the AST Turbo service engineers were constantly evaluated during the training by the MHI instructors. At the end of the training certificates for successful completion were received.

The continuous improvement policy followed by the AST Turbo management team includes enhancing capabilities of our service team in order to provide top class services to our customers, each and every time.

News | 09.07.2015

Keeping up Quality

The new challenges of the oil & gas industries, further to the demanding customer expectations on large turnarounds of critical rotating equipment, require implementation of new strategies to assure an execution aligned to quality and safety standards.

The new Integrated Quality Assurance and Quality Controls (QA/QC) approach on large turnarounds has proven to be a successful model; a dedicated QA/QC team is involved in the whole event, including all planning and preparation.

Recently AST Turbo Operations Manager, Samuel Blaser, shared the paper “Keeping up Quality” in a recognized magazine of the oil & gas industry, in which he discusses the quality challenges of large rotating equipment turnarounds and the economic benefits of a structured QA/QC approach.

News | 15.06.2015

Integrally Geared Compressor Training

Take a refresher for your compressor knowlegde or bring your rotating equipment staff to the next level of competence. Attend our training on integrally geared compressors.

  • Effective training with measurable returns
  • Improve theoretical understanding of compressors in general
  • Enhance knowledge tangibly by learning from genuine field feedback
  • Enjoy the reality content from field experienced tutors
  • Benefit from addressing your own compressor issues

The training takes place in the Greater Zurich Area in Switzerland.

Please refer to the Training Flyer or contact us atĀ

News | 16.04.2015

Equate Turnaround – Appreciation Certificate

AST Turbo was called out to support a major turnaround on a petrochemical site in Kuwait in November 2014. A tight schedule, complex interaction between multiple contractors and parallel tasks – a characteristic of overhaul jobs for multiple critical rotating equipment – needed close supervision and coordination to ensure quality at all times.

The QA/QC role assumed by the AST Turbo Field Service Representative included technical quality assurance & control for tasks such as supervision, coordination & logistics as well as pro-active implementation of cost-reduction measures and commissioning support, amongst others. The expertise, commitment and pro-active attitude of the AST representative during the turnaround was well appreciated by the customer who thanked us with a letter of appreciation.

News | 10.03.2015

Back from Bioko Island, Africa

AST Turbo supervised the disassembly, inspection, modernization and reassembly of three T&T valves of three critical mechanical drive turbines.

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