Turnaround Tooling

Tooling challenge

Having the best possible tool at hand without unnecessary leg work is one of the important progress drivers on turbomachinery field interventions.


The AST Turbo tooling system allows to set-up a fully equipped work space in proximity to the machines within a short time.

The work space consists of various mobile elements that can be assembled to an ‘assembly line’-like work environment with only the tools at hand that are directly required for the task. If work is carried out on metric machines, imperial tooling is most likely wasting space, so we keep it away.

Understanding the different requirements of typical overhaul situations – which also includes ‘non-typical’ discovery work – is the basis for the decision which tools are required in what quantities to ensure we can progress with the tasks in the best possible manner.

The AST Turbo tooling system comprises a fully equipped mobile workspace especially designed for field service activities on turbomachinery. The modular tooling system includes comprehensive workspace required for the different overhaul tasks. The modularity of the system allows to tailor the toolset to the actual needs by content (e.g. metric and/or imperial) or by quantities (e.g. one or multiple machines). This ensures the tooling is readily accessed and controlled to save costs by minimizing execution time and facilitating post event inventory tasks. The integrated workspace and shelving allows for rapid set up of the various modules near the machines thereby avoiding running back and forth to a remote container.

We don’t believe tools belong in the tool container when the turnaround is in full swing. Furthermore much time is wasted searching for tools – a factor that we took out by 5S+S design.

The AST Turbo tooling system foresees all tools being placed on the deck in small modular units with known content. The content of each unit is clear by design. The 5S+S lean tool concept is in place and thus facilitates retrieving and returning of ‘each and every’ tool.

Tooling system advantages:

  • Assembly line work environment speeds up every project
  • Modularity of tooling system allows cost saving by having only the tools really required
  • Quick set-up and bespoke for the tasks ahead
  • 5S+S lean tooling concept for easy access and inventory
  • Hand tool modules
  • Measurement modules
  • Power tool modules
  • Rigging and lifting modules
  • Consumables modules
  • Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) modules
  • I&C Amphenol connector kits
  • Distribution of compressed air
  • Integrated workbenches and shelving
  • Quick deployment and relocation

If you are interested in receiving more information, contact us at info@ast-turbo.com.