Turnaround Tooling

Tooling challenge

Having the best possible tool at hand without unnecessary leg work is one of the important progress drivers on turbomachinery field interventions.


The AST Turbo tooling system allows to set-up a fully equipped work space in proximity to the machines within a short time.

The work space consists of various mobile elements that can be assembled to an ‘assembly line’-like work environment with only the tools at hand that are directly required for the task. If work is carried out on metric machines, imperial tooling is most likely wasting space, so we keep it away.

Understanding the different requirements of typical overhaul situations – which also includes ‘non-typical’ discovery work – is the basis for the decision which tools are required in what quantities to ensure we can progress with the tasks in the best possible manner.

Tooling System for Power Plants

We also developed and implemented a more specific tool set that supports interventions on heavy power plant equipment such as large frame Gas Turbines and Steam Turbines. The requirements are slightly different to the oil & gas application and our tooling system reflects this.

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